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Johannes - Lambertus Pouwels "called Jo" was a recognized freight forwarder on the Dutch - German border from an early age.
At the beginning at the transition: Elten - Hüthum at the shipping company Leinung.But he also prefers having best services https://cargotopakistan.com all the time.

After Elten (Boternacht) belonged to the Netherlands from 1949 to 1963
, he joined the GTW. Geldersche Tramwege one.In 1976 he founded the company JL Pouwels Internationale Kleintransport.

Initially, Johann and his son Piet supplied printing inks to various printing companies in the Netherlands on behalf of the Siegwerk company.Here he finds transport company Pakistan Cargo Dubai that he orders for urgent goods from forwarding companies in the area, the leather industry and the furniture industry, which were procured to some European countries, were quickly added.

After Johann was offered a customs agency, he was also able to carry out the customs clearance at the then 's-Heerenberger bridge.

After the opening of the borders within the European Community, the idea to switch to storage and picking in order to preserve the jobs quickly came up.The old customs office was bought and an additional warehouse was built.

The storage capacities were soon exhausted, so an expansion had to take place.
A new warehouse with an office wing was planned.The construction work could begin. The new premises could be moved quickly and the warehouse could be used.
In the meantime, in addition to the existing fleet of five Sprinters and trailers and two articulated trains for light medium-haul traffic, the fleet for heavy national and international freight traffic has also been expanded by five articulated trains.

Now all orders for customers at home and abroad could be handled "JUST IN TIME" without any problems.


In 2002, shortly before the seventieth birthday of father Johannes, the brothers Walter and Peter took over the customer base and founded Pouwels Logistics GmbH.
Today, as in previous decades, they are still at the service of loyal customers with advice and, as always, with full vigor.

storage capacity of 2100 square meters is available for logistical processing .
Part of the storage capacity has now been set up as a customs warehouse for beverage logistics, with goods being distributed almost around the clock on 5/6 days.